MARCH 19, 2017 (8.00 am - 4.00pm)    Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Blvd, Kingston 5


Dr. Lizette Mowatt


This has been a year of change, with our new Executive members settling in to start on the usual activities of the Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica (OSJ). Since its rejuvenation in 2011, the OSJ continues to strive to improve our commitment to quality eye care and the development of the Ophthalmology profession in Jamaica.

Our greatly anticipated 6th Annual Conference of the OSJ will be one to remember as it is where technology and latest updates convene. "State of the Art" and "cutting edge" are some terms that have been used to describe the newly acquired resources in our Hospital Eye Clinics this year. This conference will continue this new found transformation.

Our 2016 programme will as usual be an exciting and informative one as we learn more on corneal cross linking, VisAbility Implants, revisit Trabeculectomies, delve into the wonderful world of Retina with micro incisional vitrectomies (MIVS, suture less vitrectomies) and micro pulse laser. We are pleased that Dr Lileth Wu will be sharing with us the latest on Diabetic Macula oedema management.

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The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Blvd

This will be the annual gathering of respectable profession within the field ...

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Floaters are little black things that move in the vision that can take many forms; spots, lines, cobweb or lacy patterns. They move as the eyes move because they are suspended in a gel (vitreous humour at the back of the eye). Floaters typically occur in people 60 years or older. This is because the vitreous is like a gel, consisting of collagen in young people. As we age the collagen in the eye breaks down (just like the collagen in the skin) and the gel undergoes “liquefaction” becoming liquefied. Therefore, as your eyes move the liquidified vitreous and floaters moves around...

  - Dr. Lizette Mowatt

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Botulinum Toxin is a potent neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. The neurotoxin can cause Botulism which is a serious and life threatening condition in humans.However in small doses it can be used beneficially for certain medical and aesthetic conditions. Botox works by blocking nerve conduction thereby inhibiting muscle contraction causing weakness of the muscle.

  - Dr. Kevin Waite

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A strabismus is present when the eyes are not straight. The term ‘squint’ may be used interchangeably. Incidence: About one in 20 children has a squint. A squint may be congenital,traumatic e.g. (a head injury) or neurovascular (eg. As a result of a stroke). Most squints occur in children and usually becomes apparent after birth up to about age three years.

  - Dr. Albert Lue

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The objective of the Society shall be to promote the best possible eye-care in Jamaica and the Caribbean through corporative efforts by:

Establishing the Society itself
Cooperation with other bodies
Educational Work
Statistics and Reports
  1. Establishing the Society itself
  2. Associations: Encouraging and assisting in the formation of such societies, and forming strong links with existing societies in the Caribbean and world wide.
  3. Cooperation with other bodies: Promoting fraternal and professional relationship between fellow practitioners at home and abroad. Conferring and cooperating with other similar bodies as the occasion may require.

    • Educational Work: Promoting excellence through continued education, in association with other bodies worldwide.
    • Publications: issuing of appropriate publications.
    • Statistics and Reports: Obtaining and disseminating accurate information regarding the various activities of this society.


Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica

The Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica was initially founded in 1985, and has become very active in the past few years. We have annual Ophthalmology conferences and also conferences for medical practitioners and the general public on Eye Health

MEET THE EXECUTIVE (2015 - 2017)

Dr. Leon Vaughan


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Dr. G. Robotham


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Time Talk Speaker
8:00-8:30am Registration
8:30-9:10am Opening Ceremony
9:15-9:45am Complex Cataract Surgery Dr. Susan MacDonald
9:50-10:00am Trans Epithelial Corneal Collagen Crosslinking revisited Dr. Lloyd Reynolds
10:10-10:20am Bilateral and Monocular Near Vision... Dr. Barrie Soloway
10:20-10:30am Pterygium Surgery at KPH.. Dr. Valance Jordon
10:30-10:40 Trabeculectomies revisted Dr. Donald Swaby
11:25-11:35am MAB's Monoclonal antibodies Dr. Hugh Vaughan
11:35-11:45am Diagnostics and Technologies in Clinical Practice Dr. Lloyd Reynolds
12:00-12:10pm Concurrent Sickle and Diabetic Retinopathy Dr. Lizette Mowatt
12:40-12:55pm Overview of our Ophthalmic Products Ms.Tamesha McIntyre
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Dr. Susan MacDonald    ORBIS International Guest Lecturer

Dr. MacDonald is an Assistant Professor Tufts School of Medicine. She is currently the Director of Comprehensive Ophthalmology at the Lahey Clinic Medical Center and Vice President of Women in Ophthalmology (WIO) Dr. MacDonald's practice focuses on cataract surgery and complex anterior segment reconstruction. She has dedicated her career to teaching cataract surgery for twenty years, training over 84 residents. She has served as residency co-director and is a recipient of the Tufts University School of Medicine Award for Teaching Excellence. She is the director of CORE, a national cataract course which teaches safe state of the art cataract surgery to residents. The course runs three times a year, training over 200 residents each year. She lectures internationally on surgical techniques,and the management of complications. Dr. MacDonald believes improving international surgical education for all ophthalmologists is an essential part of reducing world blindness


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