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Dr. Lizette Mowatt


The last several years have been that of growth of Ophthalmology in Jamaica. Several new technologies have increased in Jamaica with the introduction and development of pattern scanning micropulse laser, selective laser trabeculoplasty, corneal crosslinking, advances in Micro Incisional Vitrectomy Surgery (MIVS) from 23G to 25G then 27 G vitrectomies, and refractive surgery. Diagnostic investigations such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) and OCT- A (retinal angiogram) have allowed us to make better diagnostic and prognostic evaluation of common ophthalmologic diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal arterial and vein occlusion, macula oedema and age-related macular degeneration (ARMD).


The OSJ has also undergone growth and with collaboration with ORBIS and VISION 2020 Links. This year is pleased to again include additional concurrent conferences for our Ophthalmic nurses, ophthalmic assistants and technicians in association with the Flying Eye Hospital Orbis and our Diabetic Retinopathy Screeners and graders in association with VISION 2020 Links. This will enhance the training of DRS photographers and screeners. Diabetic Retinopathy is a cause of preventable blindness, in which we can all be a part of prevention, whether it be through patient education, support or management. Jamaica has an 11.9% prevalence of diabetes in our adult population (~200,000 people). All type II DM must have an annual dilated eye examination from diagnosis onwards. Can we manage to screen and treat all these patients effectively?

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Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica 9th Annual Symposium
The Jamaica Pegasus March 29th 2019 View Promotional Poster Download Programme

The 9th Annual OSJ conference will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus, Friday March 29th 2019 8am- 5pm. It is in partnership with ORBIS and the Vision 2020 Links.

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Floaters are little black things that move in the vision that can take many forms; spots, lines, cobweb or lacy patterns. They move as the eyes move because they are suspended in a gel (vitreous humour at the back of the eye). Floaters typically occur in people 60 years or older. This is because the vitreous is like a gel, consisting of collagen in young people. As we age the collagen in the eye breaks down (just like the collagen in the skin) and the gel undergoes “liquefaction” becoming liquefied. Therefore, as your eyes move the liquidified vitreous and floaters moves around...

  - Dr. Lizette Mowatt

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Botulinum Toxin is a potent neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. The neurotoxin can cause Botulism which is a serious and life threatening condition in humans.However in small doses it can be used beneficially for certain medical and aesthetic conditions. Botox works by blocking nerve conduction thereby inhibiting muscle contraction causing weakness of the muscle.

  - Dr. Kevin Waite

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A strabismus is present when the eyes are not straight. The term ‘squint’ may be used interchangeably. Incidence: About one in 20 children has a squint. A squint may be congenital,traumatic e.g. (a head injury) or neurovascular (eg. As a result of a stroke). Most squints occur in children and usually becomes apparent after birth up to about age three years.

  - Dr. Albert Lue

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The objective of the Society shall be to promote the best possible eye-care in Jamaica and the Caribbean through corporative efforts by:

Establishing the Society itself
Cooperation with other bodies
Educational Work
Statistics and Reports
  1. Establishing the Society itself
  2. Associations: Encouraging and assisting in the formation of such societies, and forming strong links with existing societies in the Caribbean and world wide.
  3. Cooperation with other bodies: Promoting fraternal and professional relationship between fellow practitioners at home and abroad. Conferring and cooperating with other similar bodies as the occasion may require.

    • Educational Work: Promoting excellence through continued education, in association with other bodies worldwide.
    • Publications: issuing of appropriate publications.
    • Statistics and Reports: Obtaining and disseminating accurate information regarding the various activities of this society.


Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica

The Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica was initially founded in 1985, and has become very active in the past few years. We have annual Ophthalmology conferences and also conferences for medical practitioners and the general public on Eye Health

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